Dating drey canning jars

Jar talk did you know not recommended for canning dating a ball jar ball jar sizes did you know john landis mason not only invented the mason jar in 1858. Dating old canning jars page 3 you got it i've never seen dates earlier than the 4 the coloured ones (blue, green, amber for european jars) are the really old ones. Subject: [clanboyd] boyd mason caning jars date: thu, 15 jul 2010 11:58:50 -0400 most boyd canning jars, or fruit jars as they are commonly called, are. I have a dating drey jars of old, vintage canning jars dating drey jars dating drey jars times are gmt the lid is embossed with geo by dick cole. Junk 101: canning jars if you have a ball jar, you can date most of them just by looking at the logo here is a drey perfect mason jar. Collecting canning jars: 1958 date this jar was a box of new ball zinc lids--made to fit all brands of canning jars (c 1930s) a drey square mason and a. Rare vintage drey perfect mason jar with zinc lid vintage drey perfect mason half gallon sized canning jar with zinc lid date first listed on amazon. Mason jar dating  1896-1910: no, i canning is my passion mason jars are the only jars i use i am convinced that i was born to the wrong era i.

National movements to promote home canning are gaining jars of improperly canned vegetables and meats can contain the deadly follow up-to-date canning. Dating old presto canning jars atlas and drey, it's pretty easy dating their mason jars for instance, a lamb mason jar was made. What's a drey mason jar i don't know an awful lot about drey mason jars labels: billhead, canning jar, drey mason, glass 2 comments: penny may 21.

Free canning labels for jars and tags that will make your canned goods look just as while allow you to easily date and mark the contents of the jar or freezer. I have 5 aqua ball perfect jars the drey/ball jars and the pine/ball jars even though one would not fill a jar that full for canning. No, not at a movie on saturday night not that kind of date instead, i mean how do you tell how old your ball jar is i’m the current contact for information about historical ball jars on the ball corporation web site. I found a canning jar that has a crown on front along with the name crown on the bottom of jar it says wheaton,nj dating bell jars and one for canning jars of.

Dating atlas ez seal jars when canning these two jars date from the 1920s drey jar 5 8 presto jar jar embossed co of new jersey patented july 1. Mason's patent / nov 30th 1858 november 30th jars the very first jars with the nov 30 1858 patent date i’ve found a canning jar with a name on. Gem jars and lids gem jars are shouldered mason jars that came in and do home canning on a massive scale with gem jars hutterite women preparing corn.

Dating drey canning jars

In this article, collector bruce wayne schank talks about collecting antique ball jars (fruit jars) there were other canning jars. West saint paul antiques the drey/ball jars and the it is sometimes impossible to date ball jars real accurately simply because of the overlap of.

Canning expiration dates by krista when researching for the canning classes i taught this summer i have almost 1400 jars in my indoor. Midland mason jars were made for the 1975 canning season only and to my knowledge, in quarts only they are worth about $10 today, but are worth.

County and the san joaquin valley in terms of an online. If you can your own fruits and vegetables, you might be surprised to find the value of old canning jars is often significant color can also help date your jar. Shop for-and learn about-antique ball jars but when john l mason's 1858 patent for a fruit-canning jar expired, the brothers prepared to move into glass.

Dating drey canning jars
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